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Thursday, March 3, 2011

This should be interesting

The world threw a curveball at me today. And by the world I mean FedEx. I had some bulk dry glaze coming in. The glaze was supposed to come tomorrow but lo and behold it showed up today, AND 6 hours before they normally deliver. What a sweet sweet surprise!

I promptly thanked the driver and raced the packages to my garage and unpacked and then started scratching my head as to how to prepare dry glaze mix. I did this as an undergrad but I had so so many resources, including a specific glaze room with ventilator and endless buckets and counter space. Oh how sweet it was...

Here are the supplies I started with:

Some dry glaze mix, and a few buckets. Thats some wax resit on top. Sha-wing!

So I needed a mixing tool. Sorry Danielle/BestRoomateEver for stealing the whisk. Patience is something I lack and going out and buying one in the heat of the moment of mixing glaze was simply not going to happen. Need glaze mixed. NOW! Hopefully you do not want any scrambled eggs tomorrow. I promise there will be a new whisk by Monday!

Yes, that spoon has a smiley face on it. Thank you Kool-Aid.

So I started with a bucket of water and slowly mixed in the glaze(using the whisk from the kitchen because I can not wait 20 minutes to go buy a new one). Apparently some people will use a hydrometer to measure the density. Here at MFS Ceramics we do not role this way. We also don't use a sieve. If you stick your finger in and it comes out coated without grainy bits on it, the glaze is ready. Well, I actually am going to let it sit 24 hours. And I might let the glazed pieces sit for a few hours before starting the kiln to allow the glaze to dry.


Also going to volunteer at a community center teaching pottery tomorrow. Just helping out, should be fun!

P.S. Also had my class this week at Fat Cat Pottery. What a freaking great group of people! Excellent instruction, excellent people. I tweaked my bowl making today. So so so so many bad habits to break. I ended up throwing a nice shallow bowl that once fired and shrunk and glazed and fired again will probably still be about 12 inches across.

Also have some new ideas for pieces. Ohhh yea. Life. is. good!

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