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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little exhausted....

I undertook a trimming fiesta tonight! I absolutely love trimming but it always takes longer than I think it should. I spent three hours trimming 4 bowls and 6 mugs and then adding handles. Somehow I think that maybe it shouldn't take this long.

Here are the pictures. I apologize about the quality. This is what happens when you use a camera phone in dark conditions.

Here is what I started with. 4 bowls and the start of mugs on top.

I decided to try some carving on the bowls. I like the way the carving turned out. It feels really good too. It takes a while, thus adding to my time, but I think the effect is worth it!

I also tried trimming some big fat feet on a few mugs. Always endless things to try! Still looking for my signature mug shape but maybe one day I will find it. And maybe I will figure out how to make handles without wanting to shoot myself in the head with a nail gun. I have no idea how anyone can trim more than 10 mugs in one day. Apparently the Hughes potter in Pennsylvania will throw like 30 pieces in one day and then trim another 30. This is crazy to me!

Probably going to cool it for a few days on the production. I've got some long bike workouts this week and my mom and brother are coming to town on Friday! I will do a glaze firing while they are here. They don't realize yet how exciting this is but they will! Nothing like opening a fresh batch of glazed pieces!

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