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Monday, March 14, 2011

Chocolate Clay and Big Freaking Bowls

First things first, bisque firing is currently underway. All pieces felt warm and crisp and DRY so I am hoping for no disasters. I did not hear any pops or explosions while I was back there so hopefully smooth sailing. I also realized I need to maybe stop making these big big bowls. My kiln is only so big and in the current load I could only fit 3 bowls and 8 mugs. Here is a shot of the middle shelf....

I then went for an undertaking of throwing 10 uniform mugs. So maybe not the most similar but my speed was faster on this round than the last. I also used a new clay and a new form. The clay is really nice, I don't know if this particular type will always be this hard but it held its shape really easily and I was able to get some nice thin walls. The last round of mugs feel a little heavy so I am taking that into consideration for theses.

Behind the mugs are some smallish medium bowls. Will probably shrink to the perfect size for cereal or oatmeal so I can have some mug/bowl breakfast combos. The idea of having oatmeal and coffee out of matching vessels kind of makes me want to have slumber parties so I can have breakfast with them. I guess I could just invite people over for breakfast but it seems if someone is coming over for breakfast there should be a little more than simply coffee and oatmeal.

In celebration of Spring Break 2K11 I drank a beer and threw big bowls this evening. Like I have said before, this is one of my favorite things to do, especially when I can add in some quality music!

This is the last bowl, probably started with about 5 or 6 lbs of clay. Also, it is reclaim. Reclaim is the "whoopsie" pieces that get soaked in water until they turn to a thick liquid, and then laid out to dry to become hard enough to throw again as clay. The reclaim battle is trying to process reclaim faster than you accumulate. Overall the reclaim is winning the war but I think I won today's battle. I sense a turning of the tides soon...

I really think that just as cameras "add 10 lbs to everyone" cameras take away 10 percent of the size of pieces. I am currently back in that phase of ceramics where I think bigger is better. Maybe not better, but more fun and exciting, YES! Eventually I got this bowl bigger than the splash pan and had to somehow contain my excitement and keep working with it. 

Eventually though, the clay reached its point and collapsed....
 Whomp whomp. Not really sure how I would have gone about trimming it so its probably for the best. It would also take up the entire top shelf in the kiln. Good times though! Can't wait to do it again!

Tomorrow will be a glazing day followed by a firing tomorrow night! Pieces thrown today should be ready to be trimmed by Wednesday or Thursday so I can go to Colorado with no worries! I will be there for 5 days exploring/skiing/job interviewing! Oh Spring Break!


  1. HI Meagan..
    well, too bad about the collapse of the big bowl, but like you said..another day..and it is good practice. :).The mugs look great!
    have fun on spring break and play safe..
    Trish from Alberta

  2. Thanks Trish! I am very much looking forward to some rest and relaxation!