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Friday, June 17, 2011

Coming in August 2011....


Some really cool guy in Louisville, CO is renting out an extra bedroom and an entire flipping room in his garage for lets just say, a really good price. The house is rustic with some pretty retro features but absolutely perfect for a nice inspiring place. A nice patio, a nice sunroom, a private clawfoot tub, a wood heater, an owl's nest, I'm thinking my pottery is about to head in a very awesome direction!

Life is Colorado is amazing, I feel like everyday I wake up and despite the abnormal amount of stress I am under, I feel like I live in this really great fairytale.

I am taking a class at the Boulder Potters Guild which is awesome because one instructor has a great personality and the other one is actually the older version of me. Apparently you can be a cyclist, have a job, have kids(even as a single mom), and be a potter.

The new stress of a demanding job has manifested itself in the form of vibrant designs and creatures in my work. My mugs are all carved almost to the point of destruction and I am in the process of turning what is probably the best vase I have ever thrown in one piece into a monster fish. And I am loving. every. second!