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Friday, January 6, 2012

Why Hello There, and Goodybye Again?!

Oh man, so long. Trying to keep this short and sweet.

Fall was awesome, now I'm going to India. Got insanely lucky to find volunteer work on a tile project and teaching at Homes of Hope India.

I saw some of Ellen Anne Harboe's work and I really loved it. She uses a lot of birds and my Great Aunt Sally also used them. I decided to jump back on board and I'm a fan of the results. I also took it a bit further and made a jar with an elephant on top. Sadly, there is no picture because my good friend Lauren has graciously taken that piece to keep safe in good hands!

So the tree carving continues. I also made a casserole dish with this design and personally, I think it might be the best piece I've ever made. I was able to trade it for some much needed dog sitting over Thanksgiving!
This year, I wish I had done more focusing on specific things. Like these last two pieces. I spent a lot of time simply producing work that didn't have the time and attention needed to truly make it special. This year I really want to slow down and focus on each piece. If it means only making 3 or 4 mugs at a time, then thats what should happen. Making 8 mugs at a time and rushing through all of them doesn't work at this stage in the game! Maybe one day...but for now, PATIENCE is key.

So this all must wait until June, maybe later. I've got three months of India and then about 1 1/2 months in Nepal. LIFE IS GOOD!

And as always, I love my dog. Here he is being awesome and he was giving me a high five but its hard to get a picture of it. Very camera shy!

P.S. I really don't know how I thought this blog layout was good at the time but its actually kind of hideous. This will be revamped in time!