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Monday, March 7, 2011

Some Work!

What I like most about other blogs is pictures of work so maybe I should contribute? Is this what other people like too?

Here is a bowl that I almost threw away...multiple times. When I first made it, it was off center, but I kept it anyway. Trimming was thus a nightmare due to its off-centerdness. I kept it anyway though. It sat on a shelf through about 2 or 3 firings and finally I picked it up to try a pattern on it. I like the way it came out! Sorry about the quality. Camera phones are NOT as good as real ones, I don't care what the media says. If I am ever going to sell work online I need to figure out how to photograph it and do it with a camera thats not blurry!

I really really REALLY love chip n dip platters. I think its because I love sharing my work with others and I love socializing. So chip n dip platters make excellent party pieces, thus making excellent pieces for me to make! This is actually a bowl, not sure how I found the angle that makes it look like a flat piece but hey I did! So anyway its a bowl with another smaller bowl inside, cut to fit. I need to work on figuring out how to make it fit super snug and super flush but it works for now. Especially for the first one like this. I then added some lizards from those plaster molds. Those things are awesome. I don't really know what the protocol is on using them; I imagine some people think it is "cheating" and others think it is "utilizing." I like lizards on my pieces though so they will go on!

And then I took another bowl and added some flowers and bees. I like the way this turned out too. It almost reminds me of a cartoon. I liked making these two pieces also because it took quite a bit of time and my dog laid at my feet and my mom and I chitchatted about art and finding your passion in life. Ha! I feel very lucky that my parents think its great that I make ceramics!

Currently about to work on my "other" job. Research! At least until it warms up enough to venture into the garage. One day I will have a work space with heating and AC....and that day will be AWESOME!


  1. Meaghan, Greetings from Alberta.. I see you are a new follower of my blog..welcome..thanks for checking in. Be sure to comment on my blogsite to be eligible for the Generosity Chain..(go back a few posts to see the info). Good luck with you work, and you are right, you need better photos..;)..lizards are okay. :)
    Cheers. T

  2. Trish,

    Thank you for letting me know about the generosity chain, I will be commenting!

    I will have some better pictures soon! ...just need to find the camera usb cable....! Hope your week is going well!