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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dang life is good!

I have been working on making some nicer bowls. This one is really really light. Certainly under a pound, maybe less. It was thrown with about 3 lbs of clay and then trimmed-alot! I am excited to see how it comes out! There was been significant improvement in my throwing ability over the past few weeks. Today I was able to throw some nice vases at Fat Cat studio, which was great! They are small, but I am getting much better at keeping the piece centered and even and DRY!

A couple days ago I worked on some chip n dip platters also. I wanted to split the smaller bowl in half and have a dip part on each side but the bowl is simply too small. Must throw big bowl bigger or small bowl smaller. I suppose I could also try it on the outside but can you imagine trying to store a piece that is big and bulky and 20 inches across? Especially a piece that might look like a monkey with ears? Not exactly a fireplace mantel piece.

That little bowl was split in half and attached on the inside....probably didn't take a picture because I wasn't satisfied with the craftsmanship. Need to work on figuring out how to make it seamless. Sponge? It sort of worked...

Then I made a piece with the bowl raised up....its going to be a wait and see game if it makes it through bisque and glaze!

...really hoping it does!

Now its off to a night of fun and remembering what its like to be 24 with the entire world in front of me. Its a magical time, hope I can make it last forever!

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