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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mugs and Real Camera Pictures!

 I found my camera and the cable to upload pictures so its rock n roll time. The best part is its waterproof so I don't have to worry about taking pictures while my hands are covered in mud! Here is the bowl I tried to photograph last time but it was all blurry and dark so here it is a little lighter. I need to get some sort of set up to photograph pieces. I was thinking about spray painting a big box. How do other people do it? Any suggestions?

On Monday, I attempted to throw 10 matching mugs. I had 10 relatively similar pieces of clay, got 9 forms out of it. One was somehow a lot taller, kind of like that one kid in the class that hits puberty before everyone else. The rounded part is a little different on each but there are a couple pairs in there that sort of match!

 I also learned that trimming is important too in the matching process. First couple pieces were all over the place but I then picked up this magical thing called a ruler and uniformity came out of the woodworks. Or clay, you know, it came from somewhere. I decided to add some more shapes. I feel like the world is a lovely place as of lately and dragonflies and bees remind me of that. Especially bees that are buzzing dangerously close to each other. I have two mugs with "love bees" on them. I like it. Kinda fun!

Still just really trying to figure out what direction I want my work to take. I'd like to do elegance but its tough to make very clean smooth forms. At least for me. Although the bowls I made last Friday look pretty good.  Hopefully it will come with experience! I have class again at Fat Cat Pottery today. Oh how I love my Thursdays because of it!

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