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Friday, April 15, 2011

Wow, this is the longest and most drawn out post ever!

Whew! Another rough week, looking forward to the end of the semester and GRADUATING!

Several really awesome things happened this week in the world of MFS Ceramics. The first being selling 3 vases to a TOTAL STRANGER on Etsy. I know this is what happens on Etsy but my other two sales were to people I know and well, when its someone you don't know, they really are just buying it because they like it. And  if you can't get excited about things then what is the point???!!!!! So I did some serious packaging and off they went!

I also learned that if I make mugs in smaller groups, I can really spend some time on the handles and not try to rush through. Here are two pictures of some mugs I am a fan of. (I know I am SUPPOSED to like my work but any artist knows that usually you are your own worst critic.) So check these puppies out!

I am still enjoying carving on pieces. I was pretty happy with these two handles as well. Ceramics is so much about timing. Trimming the piece at the right time, letting pulled handles dry for the right amount of time before attaching, just letting things dry out in general......!

I started making some wide low vases as well. Its a fun form to make and I am a big fan of cooking and storing cooking utensils in pretty things in the kitchen. Other than my Aunt Sally's work, my only handmade ceramic piece is by Tom Hoffman. He left a really awesome vase in my school's studio and my professor told me I could have it. Now it sits on the counter holding every cooking utensil you could ever imagine. So maybe other people like this practice too? Guess we will find out.

Here is my second attempt at making a pretty kitchen utensil holder. The first one is what I would put in the group of "looks like a 4th grade art project." This one is more like 7th or 8th grade.

And in the reclaim battle update, I am totally winning! I am down to about 25 lbs of reclaim in the bin and have used almost all of my wedged reclaim. Trying to get all the clay used and first before I move. Look how great the weather was here this week! And my great studio work table!

I did two glaze firings this week. I know I only have a handful of readers but I wonder if they ever look and wonder what happens to all those great pieces. I post pictures of greenware only to never be seen again. You know what happens to them...GLAZING. Glazing and I don't get along very well and I tend to mess up a lot of pieces. Like handles though, I will probably get tired of messing my pieces up and eventually decide to slow down and let my perfectionism rage before the pieces go into the kiln and not after when I end up refusing to let anyone see them. Here is my desk of pieces acceptable for selling! Etsy should get an update tomorrow!

Notice that chip and dip platter back there?! First successful one! In celebration, I leave you with a picture of the best studio mascot ever!

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  1. Your work is looking great, Meaghan. The handles are super and I like the carving you have done. Yes,I agree..the leather hard stage is my favourite, too.. glazing, not so much. Even after all these years, it still frustrates me and rushing does not help..:).. Congrats on the etsy sales..
    and thanks for your notes on my blog about the photo downloading..will see what I can do.
    Good eve. Trish