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Friday, April 8, 2011

Jars, and Updated Etsy!

 Oh the Spring time! Thank goodness! No longer freezing in my garagio!  In celebration of pushing myself to become a better potter, I have delved into the world of things other than mugs and bowls. I can tell I have grown as a potter because when I first made lidded jars 3 years ago, they looked nothing like this. Imagine the most unappealing blob shape you can and then imagine some sort of strange flat saucer orbiting around the top somewhere.As you can see, these certainly have ample room for improvement, but the lids fit for the most part. I'd like to work on some new decorating techniques to add some "umph" so that is coming. Sometime in the next 5 weeks before I move my entire life to Boulder.

 Here is one my attempts at decoration. I'm hoping the glaze will kind of smooth it over, without eliminating it. I've actually started thinking about different glazes while I make the piece rather than as an afterthought. Slow, thoughtful contemplation will create beautiful pieces. Must.....Work....On....This! I'm also working on getting a lip that really holds that lid in place. The one on the left is what I'm really going for. Ever been walking with something and the top slides off and shatters to the floor? Its always a bummer!

And here is one of the 6 vases I made in my class at Fat Cat. It was so nice to have so many glaze choices! It seems to make sense to become a member to have access to glazes. Oh if only money grew on trees!

Also updated the Etsy site this morning! 

Time to go hit the studio! And then the beach with friends! I feel so very very blessed to have the great friends that I do! :)

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  1. Meagan..good job on the lidded jars..yes, they are coming along :).. getting a good fit on a lid is a challenge, but it will happen.:)
    Still snow on our beaches, but it is melting a lot this week..! lol..Cheers. Trish from Alberta