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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Real Sized Goblets, Jars, and a Spider!

 Check out this little guy hiding in my studio. Wonder what kind he is, hopefully not poisonous!

Working has been tough this week, school has picked up and that fire that makes me want to win every single bike race ever has started burning. This basically means on days that I have tough workouts, I am practically useless afterwards. Yesterday I was lucky to get 3 jars trimmed and 6 goblets completed!

I am liking the jars. I can tell my throwing ability has improved because the lids match the bottoms and I only threw one for each. I used to throw about 5 lids for every bottom and simply hope that one might fit. Heres to hoping for no warpage in the firings!

 Those balls are the start of the bottom part of the Goblet. A classmate at school told me he wanted one. I honestly thought these would be beyond my ability. You have to throw in two pieces and both pieces have to absolutely be centered. So you start with the cup part, trim off the excess, and attach the little ball.
 Center the ball on the bottom of the cup, and tada! You can now create your pedastool!

This is my favorite one. Of the 6, I only like about 3. But 50% is pretty good for the first time around. Next set I might work on some more uniformity. Which is always a challenge!

Work is building up, I have been trying to get a variety of shapes and sizes to really pack a full kiln. Looks like I might be able to fill up two once all this work dries. Also considering getting some new glazes still...contemplation, contemplation, contemplation!

In other news, I found a place to live in Boulder! I will have a downstairs bedroom and living room with my own bathroom! That is crazy! Also, my dog will have other dogs to play with and a huuuuuge yard. And the people there seem pretty nice too! :)

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