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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another Etsy Sale and the Start of Cycling Season

The last glaze firing was an effort in patience. I patiently waxed each piece and made sure there were no drips or unwaxed spots. I also glazed very slowly and then took the time to wipe each bottom dry and took care not to touch anything until the glaze was dry. actually paid off!!!!!

Most of what came out of the kiln found itself directly onto Etsy! A mug sold hours after posting. I now know what glaze everyone is after, many of my friends really like the same thing. Luckily, I have a lot of it left! Here is the mug that sold:

Sadly, the kitchen utensil holder has a crack in it, but I decided to list my first seconds piece and put it on Etsy anyway since it doesn't change or hurt its function, or its beauty. I wish I knew where the quote was from so I could credit them, but an artist said they like imperfection because you can tell a human made it. So. True.

A few goblets also came out well. Some cracked where the foot is attached but I believe this is a function of adding the foot when the top part is too dry. Timing is everything. Learning this slowly, but learning it nonetheless.

Ahhh, and my other non work related love, CYCLING. I race bicycles and at many points in my life I have daydreamed about going pro. Now its one of those things where I want to train and put my all into it, but if I never make it to the pros I won't feel like a failure. My cycling buddy blames it on being too content with life. Trying to decide if being content with life is a compliment when settling in life is such an insult. I imagine if I stopped ceramics and put more effort into being rested for training and training, I would be a much better cyclist. I also imagine that if I stopped cycling and put all my effort into art, I would be a much better artist. Is it better to be content with both or really successful at one or the other? I could also try harder to win the lottery because I suspect if I did not have to work, I probably could do both. I keep playing but my numbers just never seem to come up......!

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. " -Henry David Thoreau

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