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Friday, February 25, 2011


I decided to take a class. I figure I will only be here for a little while and its time for some instruction. I have the basics down of how to make pottery but I lack that artistic finesse. The class has 4 students, and 2 instructors. Hows that for bang for your buck?! Essentially I ended up with one on one instruction for 2 hours. And it was incredibly helpful! Two things really popped out. First, I can actually throw with very little water. The clay stays more stable and I was able to pick up pieces straight off the wheel, no more bats! Before, I was barely able to pick up mug shapes because they were so wet. No mas! Second, when throwing vertical forms, it makes the most sense to get a nice tall cylinder, and then shape. I've always tried to shape as I go along and this generally does not work out too well! Pushing the cylinder form out really creates a nice round shape-much more appealing than whatever I was doing before! Still a long way to go though... Its great to have learned so much in so little time and to have such a great resource here. The studio atmosphere was awesome and I am looking forward to next week!

So I finally finished getting the drywall up and mudding, now just painting...
.....and then I can go back to what really matters! ...when I'm not dealing with class, work, or working out, or being social.....

I got really excited about throwing a big bowl a few days ago, but I always forget everything shrinks! I swear this thing was huge on the wheel. Now its getting smaller, and also off centered. Maybe next class I can get someone to show me how to successfully throw a big bowl?!
And last but not least, almost have a bisque kiln load! Hopefully the glaze will be here soon! Looking forward to producing some usable wares!
Thanks for reading!

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